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Xinxiang hui electronic technology co., LTDFor Hong Kong and Taiwan,Sole proprietorship¡¢Professional design and production of printed circuit board drilling£¬Molding with the high-tech enterprises of all kinds of cemented carbide cutting tools¡£The company introduces the world advanced production equipment and precision measuring instruments£¬Choose the world famous carbide manufacturer provide ultra-fine grain cemented carbide materials£¬With technology, experienced production team£¬Every link of raw material input to product output has carried on the strict control£¬To provide users with high-quality products and a The flow of service¡£

Companies adhere to¡°Scientific management¡¢Quality¡¢Optimal Quality service¡±As the management policy£¬Constant for the general

PcBManufacturers to provide reliable products and excellent Quality service¡£My company to in07Years9By monthlS09001£º2000Quality management system certification£¬And in strict accordance with the standard management¡£In addition, all products of the company throughROHS£¬SGSCertification testing¡£

Customers are partners

Hui lian believe only provide can let customers more competitive products and services£¬To the promotion of the competitiveness of the hui lian at the same time¡£This position is our success in the past£¬Also is the key to future growth¡£

Quality is the principle

The hui culture£¬Quality is not only the responsibility of the production department£¬But also the responsibility of every employee£¬

Only the pursuit of maintain¡¸Customer satisfaction¡¹Is the quality of concrete practice¡£

Innovation is the life of the organization

Hui group not only emphasizes on the technical pursuit of innovation£¬In the marketing¡¢The business¡¢Management is also actively¡¢Efficient manner£¬To adapt to the rapidly changing the future of the economy¡£




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Xinxiang hui electronic technology co., LTD,Specialize in The big drillIDSeriesSlot knife seriesMilling cutterRDSeriesSmall and medium-sized drill seriesUCSeriesMicro drill seriesProduction equipment And so on,Please consult our interested customers£¬Contact phone number£º037aa0007106603

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